Carte blanche

Kim Simonsson

L’Idole endormie des Moss People

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Like Nordic tales, the Moss People made up of children and animals, grows to the rhythm of the artist’s creations. Staged in a setting of natural moss, the installation occupies the entirety of the largest exhibition hall and plays with the architecture of the place.
The Carte Blanche entrusted to Kim Simonsson transports us into the dreamy, melancholic universe of the “Moss people,” including twelve characters placed in a small forest and beings gathered in a new, spectacular installation.

_Sitting Biologist_, 2023, ceramics, nylon fibre, epoxy resin, artificial plants (1)

Finnish sculptor Kim Simonsson began making ceramic “Moss People” sculptures in 2015. The series rapidly became popular.
In 2022, Simonsson was asked by Lille3000 to make a sculptural installation for the Utopia festival on the Rue Faidherbe in Lille. Under Simonsson’s supervision, the organization produced eleven 4.5-meter-tall sculptures for the outdoor installation.

Resting Mossgirl with cassette tape, Copy of Copy of Sculptor Kim Simonsson_April_2022_14a_WhiteBG

Inspired by the project, Simonsson began using similar techniques to make giant sculptures in his own studio in Fiskars Village, Finland.
Now the third giant made in the artist’s studio the “Moss Idol” has arrived at Espace Monte-Cristo.

Courtesy Kim Simonsson et Galerie NeC © Jefunne Gimpel

Mossgirl with cauliflower hoodie, Copy of Copy of Sculptor Kim Simonsson_April_2022_04a_WhiteBG
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