The Villa Datris Foundation

Featuring more than 200 works by established and emerging artists, the Villa Datris Foundation Collection explores the wealth of contemporary sculpture through its variety of materials and techniques.

Created in the framework of the Villa Datris exhibitions, the works acquired reflect the desire to build an eclectic collection, adapted to public preferences and destined to be presented in a specially-dedicated space, the Espace Monte-Cristo.

The Villa Datris Foundation Collection is also exhibited elsewhere as part of loans to diverse institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Decorative Arts, the Carmignac Foundation, Lille 3000 and many others.

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Vue de l’exposition Extrudia au Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, mars 2022
Anita Molinero, Floraison pour Nollopa, 2017, Poubelles rouges en PVC
Collection Fondation Villa Datris, © Adagp, Paris, 2023 © Espace Monte-Cristo

The Collection’s news

M5053 Expo2023v Min

Et puis s'en vont by Nathalie Elemento, at Polaris Centre d'art 
Purs objets de style exhibition, until April 28, 2024

The exhibition Purs objets de style presents some fifty works that question the boundary between art and design, but also between function and aesthetics. The objects presented are to be seen as works of art that sublimate our everyday lives. The exhibition reflects a dynamic interdisciplinary approach, taking a look at our society through the permanence or recurrence of forms and uses. With this exhibition, Polaris Centre d'art brings together works by major artists such as Philippe Parreno, Sol Lewitt and Philippe Ramette, with a selection of works by five young European artists.

You can discover Et puis s'en vont, from the Consolations series by Nathalie Elemento. This artist from the Villa Datris Foundation Collection approaches the space of the object as one would approach the interior space of an individual, traversed by his or her internal movements and mental postures. It links a physical space to a psychic state. Like a simple cardboard box, made of combinations of volumes and perforated with dotted lines resembling virtual seams, her work houses voids and corners where the reflection of a color is diffused, as if to narrate their interiorities and diffract their intimate environments.

Nathalie Elemento, Et puis s'en vont, 2022
Metal, baked enamel finish
Villa Datris Foundation Collection
© Métropole Aix Marseille Provence - Polaris Centre d’art

Polaris centre d’art - Istres, Forum des Carmes - Place Patricia Tranchand

Brutus by Caroline Achaintre, at Villa Carmignac
Group exhibition L'Île intérieure, April 29 to November 5, 2023

Set against the island backdrop of the Villa Carmignac in Porquerolles, the exhibition L'Île intérieure (The Inner Island), conceived by Jean-Marie Gallais, explores an essential motor of creation, as powerful as it is common: the distancing of reality to reveal an interiority." (Source CP)
Among more than 80 works by some fifty artists, from Anna-Eva Bergman to Auguste Rodin, Caroline Achaintre's Brutus helps to sketch the contours of an inner island for visitors to explore. This entirely hand-woven tapestry uses powerful colors evoking the subversive spirit of European carnivals. The idea of the mask is fundamental, raising questions about what lies behind Brutus's façade and the possibility of a double identity.

Caroline Achaintre, Brutus, 2016
Laine tuftée à la main
Collection Fondation Villa Datris
© Nicolas Brasseur pour la Villa Carmignac

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