The Villa Datris Foundation

Featuring almost 200 works by established and emerging artists, the Villa Datris Foundation Collection explores the wealth of contemporary sculpture through its variety of materials and techniques.

Created in the framework of the Villa Datris exhibitions, the works acquired reflect the desire to build an eclectic collection, adapted to public preferences and destined to be presented in a specially-dedicated space, the Espace Monte-Cristo.

The Villa Datris Foundation Collection is also exhibited elsewhere as part of loans to diverse institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Decorative Arts, the Carmignac Foundation, Lille 3000 and many others.

edit_BOURDAREL Katia, Je suis une louve (détail), 2012, Collection Fondation Villa Datris, ADAGP Paris, 2020 © Bertrand. Hugues

Katia Bourdarel, Je suis une louve (I am a she-wolf)
2012, Acrylic resin and textile,
Villa Datris Foundation Collection
Photo © Bertrand. Michaud

The Collection’s news

Samuel Rousseau, Et pourtant elle tourne !
At Avignon’s 'Grenier à sel’, 18 March - 17 June 2023

The exhibition "Et pourtant elle tourne !" (which could be translated as "And yet she turns!" proposes a look at Samuel Rousseau’s prolific artistic path and a discovery of his most emblematic works. Almost forty works illustrate a two-stage path. From the deafening commotion of metropolises to the magic of nature’s cycles, the artist’s installations play on the illusion, between a real object and a video image, often fragile but always poetic.

This exhibition is presented at the "Grenier à sel", a historic monument dedicated to forms of artistic expression linking art, science and the technologies of the modern world. Source: press release.

Samuel Rousseau, Paysage rupestre 2 (Rock painting landscape 2), 2017
90.5 x 40 x 23 cm, Villa Datris Foundation Collection
Video mapping on lauze and steel
Photo © Franck Couvreur

Suzanne Husky, Ce que tu cherches te cherche aussi
At "La Graineterie" art centre, Houilles, 1 April - 27 May 2023

The monographic exhibition "Ce que tu cherches te cherche aussi" (which could be translated as "What you are seeking is seeking you too") is the opportunity to explore the artistic path followed by Suzanne Husky, combining contemporary creation, environmental activism and agro-ecology. The artist focuses on the relationships between people and the living world and has spent the last twenty years developing a decorative approach that unapologetically borrows from existing art and craft techniques. Forest is one of Suzanne Husky’s most recent textile sculptures. As well as paying tribute to the diversity of nature, it is also an appeal for its preservation through environmental gestures such as recycling and reuse, and the rationalisation of our modes of consumption. Source: press release.

Inaugurated in September 2009 in Houilles, ‘La Graineterie’ brings together an art centre and a multi-disciplinary cultural centre, and offers almost 350 sq. metres of exhibition space as well as several arts and crafts workshops.

View of the exhibition by Suzanne Husky "Ce que tu cherches te cherche aussi", 2023, La Graineterie art centre, Houilles
Forest, 2010, Villa Datris Foundation Collection © Alexis Leclercq – La Graineterie art centre

edit_Capture d’écran 2023-04-13 à 12.51.31

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